Laurel C. Smith

Appointments at the University of Oklahoma

Associate Professor of Geography, 2014-present

Assistant Professor of Geography and Honors, 2007-2014

Affiliations at the University of Oklahoma

Center for Social Justice (2012-present)

Film and Media Studies (2009-present)

Women’s and Gender Studies Program (2008- present)


Ph.D., Geography, University of Kentucky

M.A., History of Science, University of Oklahoma

B.A. History, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Courses Taught

Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability

GEOG 1103: Introduction to Human Geography

GEOG 2603: World Regional Geography

GEOG 3443: Environment and Society

GEOG 3843: Gender & Environment

GEOG 4313/5313: Interpreting Society and Environment with Qualitative Research Methods

GEOG 4863/5863: Regional Geographies of Indigenous Media

GEOG 4893: Research Methods and Professional Development

GEOG 4953: Capstone in Geography, GIS and Environmental Sustainability

GEOG 6220: Critical Geographies of Development

GEOG 6220: Critical Geopolitics

GEOG 6220: Seminar in Human Geography—Introducing (Some) Critical Theory

GEOG 6220: Seminar in Human Geography—Critical Geopolitics

GEOG 6973: Contemporary Geographic Thought

International and Area Studies

IAS 3940: Indigenous Peoples in Contemporary Peru (Journey to Latin America)

Honors College

HON 2973: Perspectives on the American Experience—American Landscape

HON 2973: Perspectives on the American Experience—What is Science?

HON 3993: Honors Colloquium—Gender and Environment


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Listening for the Rain: Indigenous Perspectives on Climate Change <Link> (2014). 22-minute video produced with Jeffrey Palmer and Filoteo Gómez Martínez with support from the South Central Climate Science Center and the Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program.

Smith, Laurel. 2012. Visualizing Indigenous women in Oaxaca: Mexico at the end of the twentieth century. Historical Geography Special Issue “Digital Historical Geography: Representation, Archive and Access.” 40:61-83. [Simultaneously published in Spanish translation: Visualización de mujeres indígenas en Oaxaca: México a finales del siglo veinte”] Historical Geography Special Issue “Digital Historical Geography: Representation, Archive and Access <Link>.” 40: 85-109]

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Book reviews

Smith, Laurel. 2014. Review of Indigenous Media in Mexico: Culture, Community, and the State (2013) by Erica Cusi Wortham. In Journal of Anthropological Research vol. 70(4): 170-171.

Smith, Laurel. 2008. Review of Gringolandia: Mexican Identity and Perceptions of the United States (2005) by Stephen D. Morris. In Social & Cultural Geography vol. 8(4): 252-253.